Town of Chili


PLEASE TAKE NOTICE, that I, Virginia Ignatowski, Town Clerk/Receiver of Taxes for the Town of Chili, have received the tax rolls and warrants for collection of school taxes for Town of Chili residents in the GATES CHILI, CHURCHVILLE-CHILI, WHEATLAND-CHILI and CALEDONIA-MUMFORD SCHOOL DISTRICTS, and I will receive payment of said school taxes at the CHILI TOWN HALL, 3333 Chili Avenue, Rochester, New York, 14624, from 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M., Monday through Friday, beginning September 1, 2020.


 Please note that while the Town Hall is currently open at this time, only one person is allowed in a department at a time. We highly encourage you to mail your payment, put it in the night deposit box located to the left of the front doors, or pay online at  

 A drive-through option is also planned for check payments only. Please bring your entire bill with you and follow the signs.

Please visit for the most recent information and instructions on tax payments prior to making your payment as changes may occur during the collection period.  


Full Payments

  1. September 1 – October 1, 2020 . . . No Interest Due . . . Pay TOTAL AMOUNT of tax bill to Virginia Ignatowski, Receiver of Taxes.
  2. October 2- October 31, 2020 . . . ADD 2% Interest to TOTAL AMOUNT of tax bill and pay to Virginia Ignatowski, Receiver of Taxes. (Since the 31st is on a Saturday, this is extended to November 2nd).
  3. November 1 (this year, November 3)– November 18 …Add 5% interest to TOTAL AMOUNT of tax bill and pay to Monroe County Treasurer, PO Box 14420, Rochester, NY 14614.                        

Installment Payments – All school districts, except Caledonia-Mumford, accept installment payments. Please follow these instructions:

  1. First Installment – Pay TOTAL amount, including service charge, on stub #1 by September 15, 2020 to Virginia Ignatowski, Receiver of Taxes
  2. September 17 to September 20thADD 1% INTEREST TO TOTAL amount including service charge on stub #1 and pay to Virginia Ignatowski, Receiver of Taxes.  *Note that the 20th lands on a Sunday this year, so this is extended to September 21st.
  3. Providing the first installment (see due dates above) has been made properly, installments for due dates October 15, 2020 and November 15, 2020 are payable by mail to the Monroe County Treasurer, PO Box 14420, Rochester, NY 14614.
  4. If the FIRST INSTALLMENT is NOT paid by September 20, 2020, the installment plan is NO LONGER AVAILABLE.  The full amount of the school tax bill must be paid (See Instruction A above). 


 School taxes unpaid after that date, plus accrued interest and penalties, will be re-levied into the 2021 Town and County tax bill.


Persons having checks returned to the Receiver marked insufficient funds or for any other reason will incur an additional $20.00 penalty.

 Your careful adherence to the above School Tax Payment Information will help tremendously to make the school tax collection process run smoothly.  Thank you.

If you are responsible for paying your tax bill (Non Escrowed Accounts) and have not received a tax bill by September 8th, please call 889-6129.

DATED:  August 31, 2020
Virginia Ignatowski, Town Clerk/Receiver of Taxes
Town of Chili