On Monday, April 8, 2024 our area will experience a Total Solar Eclipse. Our area hasn’t seen an event like this since January 24, 1925. Why is this a big deal?

A total eclipse is one of the rarest and most spectacular events in nature. Leading up to and following totality, the landscape will be transformed by eerie dim light and strangely sharp shadows. During totality, the sky becomes as dark as deep twilight, bright stars and planets appear, and the Sun’s outer atmosphere (the corona) shines around the black disk of the Moon’s silhouette. Changes in temperature, wind, and animal behaviors may occur during this time as well. The experience may be emotionally powerful and unforgettable.

Here is more local information:

  • We may experience parking concerns on the streets, highways and parking lots that may cause problems with traffic. Be cautious and aware of your surroundings.
  • There may be problems will cellular and internet services. The influx of visitors to our area can overwhelm provider capacity in those areas.
  • We will be in the path of totality for 3 minutes 38 seconds. The Moon will begin to cover the Sun at 2:07pm. Totality begins at 3:20pm with the eclipse ending for our area at 4:33pm. Residents are advised NOT to look directly at the eclipse without the proper eclipse glasses.
  • An influx of visitors to our area is expected for this event, with Monroe County anticipating 500,000 visitors to the region. As a result, Monroe County Sheriff’s Department will have limited capacity to respond to 911 calls regarding parking concerns and the like.
  • Residents are encouraged to manage their personal needs (ie: gas, food, medicine, appointments, etc) before April 8. School will be closed on that date, and some businesses may be closed as well.
  • Chili Recreation and the Chili Public Library are hosting a Solar Eclipse Celebration at the Chili Community Center. Registration to attend the event is required, and access to the Community Center on the day of the eclipse is restricted to pass holders only. Information on the program, and parking pass registration, can be found HERE.