MAY 1—2023—SOME homeowners will receive a Basic STAR exemption denial letter from the Tax Department.

Since 2013, Basic STAR exemption recipients have been required to register with NYS STAR. The homeowners receiving this letter are receiving the Basic STAR exemption but do not have a registration on file.

Last year, when verifying eligibility of taxpayers for the homeowner tax rebate credit (HTRC), NYS sent each of these property owners two (2) letters asking them to register for the HTRC, which would also satisfy their Basic STAR registration requirement. The letters informed them that the failure to register may result in the loss of both the HTRC and the STAR exemption. Because they did not register after two requests—and they do not have a pre-existing registration on file with us—they are no longer eligible for the Basic STAR exemption.

Note: All other Basic STAR exemption recipients have registered with us through either the:

· 2013 STAR registration

· property tax relief credit registration, or

· HTRC registration.

STAR credit recipients are not impacted by this mailing because they register for the credit. Enhanced STAR exemption recipients provide the necessary information through the Income Verification Program.

How will assessors be informed of the denials?

Recipients of the letter have 45 days to respond. After the 45-day period ends, we will work through our regional offices to provide the local Assessor with lists of those who are no longer eligible for the Basic STAR exemption.

Should I contact my Assessor?

Do not contact your local assessor. Local assessors do not have any information regarding this notice and have no authority to review the determinations of the Tax Department.

Your Assessor will simply let you know that you should follow the registration instructions included in the prior letters. (To register, you will need the property key provided in those letters.) For registration assistance, or if you no longer have the prior letters,

please call: 518-453-8146.