Town Board Agenda 1-17-18

Tonight’s Town Board meeting:

For those who looking for an update on the Incentive Zoning Application for Golden Road, we will not be considering that application on tonight’s agenda.

There are 2 Public Hearings tonight, both for inclusion in Sidewalk & Lighting district for Rose Hill Estates. If passed, once the roads are dedicated, the Town will be responsible for maintenance of the street lights and sidewalks. The residents of this subdivision will be assessed a special district tax to cover the cost.

Resolution #89 “2018 Budget adjustments – Grants” This resolution if approved would adjust the 2018 budget for grants received where the work/project has not yet been completed and will carry over into 2018. These adjustments have no effect on the tax rate.

Resolutions #90 & #91 – We are required to identify a specific use of the incentive zoning funds, of which are of a “community” benefit. The resolutions dedicate the funds to the sidewalk reserve which is and would be used for new sidewalks & sidewalk repairs. Use of reserve funds does require another resolution which would identify and approve location/s  and installation of any such amenity.

Resolution #93 – ( added after the initial release of our agenda) Our former HR & Finance assistant retired a few weeks ago. This resolution if approved will appoint Michelle Lenhart as our new HR & Finance assistant. Please join me in welcoming Michelle to our Chili team..


Agendas are available in advance of our meetings typically the Friday before. If you have any questions please drop in, give me a call (889-6111) of email me,

The next meeting of the Town Board will be February 14th @ 7pm…

Important Notice From The Chili Fire Department Regarding Recent Fires

“We understand that the four recent fires in the Chili Fire District over the last 48 hours is unusual and that a logical question would be “are these fires related”? We would like the public know that the origin and cause of each of these fires has been investigated by the Monroe County Fire Investigation Unit which is a partnership between the Monroe County Fire Bureau and the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office. While follow-up activities remain for some of these fires, each of the fires are unrelated and are not being investigated as being incendiary in nature or involving foul play. In fact, in each case, the cold weather conditions are somewhat contributory as is typical this time of year as people work to keep their residences warm through various heating methods. These fires serve as a good reminder to maintain working smoke detectors in your home and to keep fire safety in the forefront of your activities with your family”.

2018 Conservation Tree & Shrub Program

Winter has arrived and spring will be knocking at your front door before you know it! To help you prepare for spring, the Monroe County Soil and Water Conservation District has released their Conservation Tree and Shrub species list for the spring of 2018. The District has been hosting this annual program for more than 41 years with more than 116, 760 trees, shrubs, and plants being distributed in the last 5 years alone!

The District is helping communities green up the environment. Property owners will have the opportunity to pre-order more than 42 different species of bare-root conifers, hardwood trees, shrubs, wildflowers and groundcovers, as well as seed mixes and other products used for conservation projects at dirt-cheap prices. We have packages of all shapes and sizes, ranging from a bundle of 10 plants for as low as $11, to bundles of 100 plants for as low as $70. We are excited to offer an editable fruit pack so landowners can grow strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, and two varieties of blueberry plants for attracting wildlife! Native species new to our program this year are Witchhazel, Gray Dogwood, American Hazelnut and Eastern Sweetshrub. Check out all the benefits of these and our other selections by visiting our website catalog found at:

“By planting trees and shrubs you improve both the aesthetics of your land or backyard and the quality of our environment,” said Karen Ervay, Program Coordinator. “Trees, shrubs and plants help with erosion control, soak up water, help with stormwater runoff and nutrient uptake, as well as improve wildlife habitat,” she explained. They can also assist in keeping your home cool in the summer and break cold winds during our harsh winters all while increasing your property value too!

The Conservation Tree & Shrub Program is a pre-order program with a deadline for ordering on March 2, 2018. We have a limited availability for plant stock so in order to ensure we can meet your needs, please order early! The distribution of the plant material will occur at the Monroe County ecopark on April 19-20, 2018 from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. We will also hold a first come, first serve overstock sale on April 21, 2018 from 9:00-11:00 a.m. for individuals that miss the pre-ordering deadline.

Those interested in this program can find the order form and our full color catalog on the District’s website: If you have any questions or you’d like a form sent to you, contact the Monroe County Soil & Water Conservation District at: (585) 753-7380, Monday – Friday from 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Town Happenings Coming Soon

Supervisor David Dunning will be adding regular commentary to the Town of Chili Website!

The Supervisor’s Corner will feature news and announcements, and talk of what’s going in the Town as well as what is coming to Chili in the future.  Supervisor Dunning hopes that our residents enjoy the series and look forward to your comments and questions.  Reach out to him via email


Notice of Road Closure – Fisher Road

Delta Railroad Construction intends to close the railroad crossing at Fisher Road for railroad crossing rehabilitation.

Date:  October 20, 2017 at 8am through October 24, 2017 at 6am.

Detour:  Detour will be posted.

Notes:  The road will remain open to local traffic only up to the railroad crossing.

Community Shred Day – October 17, 2017

Classified Scanning and Shredding is celebrating National Disability Employment Awareness Month by  offering a free Community Shred Day on Tuesday, October 17, 2017 from 10:00am to 2:00pm at 425 Paul Road.

This is your opportunity to get your old personal and confidential documents shredded at no cost!  These documents are accepted:  documents with staples and clips, 3-ring binders, receipts, junk mail, all types of envelopes, file folders.

Limit three boxes per person please, no appointment necessary.

Hubbard Park Upgrades

The Town of Chili received a Community Development Block Grant which allowed for improvements to Hubbard Park!  The improvements include re-sealing of the tennis courts, the re-sealing of the basketball court, and new basketball hoops, rims, and backboards.  The tennis courts were lined for both tennis and pickleball.

We hope you enjoy these upgrades!

Zombie Properties

Recently the Town of Chili Building Department has been besieged by resident complaints regarding the maintenance of purportedly vacant properties. New York State has essentially preempted this area of enforcement by the adoption of §1310 of the Real Property Actions and Proceedings Law in December of 2016.

The Building Department at the Town of Chili has begun advising residents to register their complaints regarding property maintenance issues on foreclosures being maintained by the bank or its agents (property maintenance company) at (800)-342-3736; additional information is available at the following website: Residents can register complaints (grass, property maintenance, rubbish etc…) as often as they wish for the same property or for any other properties The process is simple and takes approximately 10 minutes.

We have been asked several times as to whether the Town is able to maintain the property by mowing the grass, etc. Please be aware that absent the separate legal authority the Town does not enter private property. This includes bank owned or properties in foreclosure. Town Code Enforcement will still receive these complaints, taking the address and the nature of their complaint so that we may inventory delinquent properties. However, the Town’s ability to be compensated for property maintenance on such properties has been constrained by Monroe County.

Prior to registering any vacant property, it is important to verify that the property is actually vacant (defined by §1309(2) of the Real Property Actions and Proceedings Law) and not still occupied by the homeowner, as we are still charged with code enforcement for owner occupied properties. The protocol for those properties still occupied by a resident is as follows; reach out to homeowners to discuss avenues to resolution, issue orders to remedy mandating time and compliance expected and finally legal enforcement.

Should you have any questions feel free to contact the Building Department at 889-6143.