The Hart House, Circa 1860 [Map]

This is a four bedroom, two bath home. The basement wall is constructed of rubble stone. It has low ceilings and the original one foot by one foot oak beams as floor joists, indicative of the age of this 1800 square foot structure.

The present kitchen was constructed on the site of the summer kitchen. The house has a gable roof with a much longer sloping roof at the rear of the house, thus the name, salt box. When the Hart’s moved into the home it had no electrical outlets, so extension cords ran through each room to power lamps and appliances. These cords were replaced by electrical outlets in each room during their renovation

Previous owners include the Davis and Stowe families. The house used to be known as the Harriet Stowe Davis homestead; Mrs. Davis, a long time Chili resident was born there.