257 Archer Road.

Robbins – Ketchum Home
Owners: David & Valerie Ketchum
257 Archer Rd.
Churchville, N.Y. 14428

Year built: 1940
Style: Cape … Sears House

What is a “Sears House” one may ask. A catalog order home that would be purchased from a Sears-Roebuck Co. catalog and shipped to owner via rail transport and assembled on site. From 1908 – 1942 as many as 75,000 homes were sold and shipped as far as to Alaska. In 1942 sears could not keep up with the demand so they stopped sales. The Ketchum home, located in Chili, is a pristine example of a Sears Home built 82 years ago. The Blue DOT classification of Land Mark Status was placed upon this homestead April 2, 2022 by the Chili Historic Preservation Board.