Paul-Fuhrman, Circa 1811 [Map]

This white clapboard farmhouse was built in 1811 by Zebulon and Lemuel Paul, Massachusetts farmers who settled here on 160 acres of land known as the Rolling Acres Homestead. This may be the oldest home in Chili, older than Chili itself.

A New England Saltbox, it had three rooms with a three-sided center fireplace and upstairs loft. The rubble foundation used the two large boulders which were too difficult to move with the crude tools of the day.

Over the years many families lived in the home. Edna Beal, for example, was born in the front bedroom in 1887; she taught in the cobblestone school (a local landmark) on Scottsville Road for $11 a month.

In 2011, the current owners, Jerry and Susan Fuhrman held a celebration to mark the 200 year anniversary of Rolling Acres. A noteworthy part of the ceremony was the placing of grapevine wreaths on the tombstones of the Paul brothers and Lemuel’s wife, Susan. The Fuhrmans hope that future generations will know the stories of joy and sorrow of the folks who called the house their home.