See Chili’s Historic and Landmark Homes

A seven-member board appointed to four-year terms, the board meets the second Monday of each month at 7:00 PM in the town hall main meeting room.

The board searches out historic homes, other edifices, and landmarks in Chili. With the owner’s permission, the Board researches archives, historic landmarks, and districts which represent distinctive elements of Chili’s historic architectural and cultural heritage.  Often, these include other matters of historic significance.

All meetings are open to the public.  Dates (subject to change) are available at the town hall and on our website.

All members of any board or committee must be Chili town residents and are appointed by the town board.

Members: Robert Byer, Tammy Canfield, Jessica Foley, Linda Hamilton, Bonnie M. Moore, Lynsey LaMorte, Peter Widener, Chair. Liaison: James Valerio.

Certificate of Merit

Have you or someone you know who resides in our town made significant improvements to their home or property?  Are those improvements consistent with the home/property’s character and does it exhibit any (or all) of the following characteristics?


  • • It possesses special character or historic interest.
  • • It is identified with an historic personage.
  • • It embodies the distinguishing characteristics of an architectural style.
  • • It is the work of a designer whose work has influenced an age.

If so, please consider nominating that property for a Chili Historic Preservation Board Certificate of Merit.  It’s a simple process which requires a minimum of research and paperwork.  The reward?  You’ll gain knowledge and appreciation of the property and its historical significance and the satisfaction that you’ve recognized someone for their hard work and diligence.

By the way, the home and property don’t have to be hundreds of years old to qualify and the project doesn’t have to be expensive and extensive.  An improvement to a porch that enhances the home, a repair to a cupola, and even a siding repair and new coat of paint could qualify.

Go ahead, brighten someone’s day (even your own), recognize their perseverance and pride in their home.  Fill out the application and let the Chili Historic Preservation Board do the rest.

An application is available here.