See Chili’s Historic and Landmark Homes

A seven-member board, appointed to a four year term; that meets the 2nd Monday of each month at 7:00 PM in the Town Hall Main Meeting Room. This board searches out historic homes in Chili and with owner’s permission, they research archives, historic landmarks, and districts which represent distinctive elements of Chili’s historic architectural and cultural heritage, which may include other matters of historic significance. All meetings are open to the public. Meeting dates are subject to change and they will be posted at the meeting site of the meeting location and on the Town’s website. All members of any board or committee have to be Chili Town Resident and are appointed by the Town Board.

Members: Earl Bassett, Linda Hamilton, Bonnie M. Moore, Rona Pearce, Judith Schreck , Phillip Supernault – Chair, Peter Widener. Liaison: Mike Slattery