The Receiver of Taxes is charged with the responsibility to collect all County, Town, Special Districts, Fire Districts and School Tax Levies within the town of Chili. The Receiver also collects for the Gates-Chili, Churchville-Chili, Wheatland-Chili, and Caledonia-Mumford School districts for properties located in the Town of Chili. The tax office answers numerous requests for tax and property information.

If you utilize the night deposit box, please note that it is the METAL box, not the plastic box next to it.  The plastic box contains envelopes in case you need to use one.  DO NOT PUT PAYMENTS IN THE PLASTIC BOX.  This is not a secure box.  The metal box contains a flap and chute that the payments fall into the building into a locked box inside. It is helpful if you place your name, property address and a contact number on the outside of the envelope.

Credit card payments incur an additional 2.45% fee.  Online bank transfers and Visa Debit cards incur a flat fee of $3.95. These fees are imposed and kept by the third-party processor.

Office Hours: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Monday through Friday

Tax Main Phone Line: 585-889-6129

Virginia Ignatowski, Receiver of Taxes: 

Rose Mary Rozzo: Deputy Receiver of Taxes:

Roxanne LoMando: Deputy Town Clerk/Deputy Receiver of Taxes:

All payment and bill information are available online!!

We ask that you consider assisting our efforts to control costs by accessing receipt and bill information online through the Monroe County website at

  • Click on the box in the middle of the screen that says, “Pay Property Taxes / Research Property”.
  • Click the button near the top that says, “Property Info / Taxes”.
  • This opens the Real Property Portal. Read the agreement and click “I Agree”.
  • On the next screen enter your address or the parcel ID number, and then click the “search” button. (Since the address must exactly match how it is in the system, it is best to start typing your address, and once you see it “float up” as an option, click on it. It makes a difference if it is in the system as road, rd. or rd)
  • Your property information should then appear. At the top right of the screen click on the green button that says, “Pay Property Taxes”. While you may not be actually paying your tax, this is how to see all of your tax information.
  • At the very top left under the Monroe County header of the next screen that opens you will see “School Tax Bill”, “Combined Town and County Tax Bill”, “School Transaction Summary” and “Combined Town and County Transaction Summary”. The first two are the most recent original bills and the next two are the receipts for the most recent billing cycles. Payment information is at the bottom of the receipt. It will show the dates and amounts that have been received to date and an outstanding amount due if there is one.
  • For previous year tax paid information, click on the “Payment History” button. This will open a screen that will show total paid by year. If you click the specific year, the breakdown of payments will appear.



In an effort to provide additional services to Chili residents, credit cards are now accepted at the tax counter. Residents also can pay on-line through the on-line payments’ portal located on the Chili’s website homepage.  Credit card payments have been accepted through the Monroe County website for years, but their third-party processing fees are higher than what Chili was able to obtain. While Monroe County’s processor charges 2.75% for credit card payments, Chili was able to secure a processor that charges 2.45%.  Please note that the fees are not kept by the Town of Chili, but rather by the Third-Party Processor. Also, exercise extreme caution when entering your information as the other difference is that this processor is NOT linked to the tax software, so you must manually enter the amount you are paying. The processing fee is not refundable.

Any payments that are due to the County Treasurer must still be made through the county’s website if credit/debit/e-check payment is desired. 


Due to rising costs, we will no longer automatically mail a receipt for all received tax payments. The law states that we must mail receipts to property owners with accounts held in escrow, and that will continue, but we do not need to mail a receipt UNLESS IT IS REQUESTED for accounts not held in escrow.  A receipt will only be mailed if the box on the payment stub is checked off requesting a receipt.

We ask that you consider assisting in our efforts to control costs by NOT checking the box and, instead, obtain your payment information online through the Monroe County website at Please see instructions above on this page on how to access this information.


Town and County Tax Bills are mailed out at the end of December. Mail or deliver your payment to Virginia Ignatowski, Tax Receiver, 3333 Chili Ave., Rochester, New York 14624. Taxes must by paid on or before February 10th to avoid an interest charge. We do examine postmarks if there is a question regarding the timeliness of a payment. Payments are also accepted at the tax counter from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Monday through Friday.   In addition, a night deposit box is available outside of the front doors for your use if you are unable to visit during our open hours, or you may pay on-line. Look for the on-line payment portal on the home page of the website.

If you are unable to pay the full amount due by February 10th, installment and partial payments can be made. The following is the interest schedule that should be applied to the amount that is paid:

Jan 1 – Feb 10 –   No interest due (Since the 10th lands on Saturday in 2024, you have until the 12th!)

Feb 11 – Feb 28 – 1.5% interest (in 2024 this starts on the 13th, and since it is a leap year, goes to the 29th)

March 1 – 31 –      3% interest (Since the 31st lands on Sunday in 2024, you have until April 1)

April 1 – 30 –        4.5% interest (In 2024, this starts April 2)

May 1 – 10 –         6% interest

May 11 – 31-        6% interest plus a $2 processing fee

No payment will be accepted at the town after May 31st

After May 31st-make payments to Monroe County Treasurer:

*Additional fees apply for online payments

After May 31, please Call 753-1200 for amount due, Monday-Friday 9:00 A.M.-5:00 P.M.

See back of tax bill for additional accrued interest rates after May 31st or if you have any questions regarding your bill or you would like help in computing the amount due, please contact us at 889-6129.


Towns of the first class are obligated under New York State law to receive school taxes for public school districts within their jurisdiction. Tax rates are set by the school district. School bills are mailed at the very end of August.

If you are making PAYMENT IN FULL, mail or deliver your payment to Virginia Ignatowski, Tax Receiver, 3333 Chili Ave., Rochester, New York 14624. Office hours are 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Monday through Friday. A night deposit box is also available outside the entry doors for your use after hours, or you may pay on-line (with an additional fee).

Full payments must be paid on or before October 1st to avoid interest fees.

Full payment made October 2 through October 31 require a 2% interest fee.

Full payments made from November 1 through November 18: Add 5%. Make checks payable to “Monroe County Treasurer”, P.O.   Box 14420, Rochester, NY 14614 or pay in person at 39 West Main   St., Room B-2, Rochester.


ONLY the 1st installment is paid to the Town Receiver and is due September 15th.  Installment payments must include the service fee. If you miss paying the 1st payment by September 15th, there is a grace period from September 16-20, but incurs an additional 1% to the installment amount.

If you miss this window the installment option is no longer available.

For the 2nd and 3rd payments:  Make check payable to “Monroe County Treasurer”. These should be  remitted to: Monroe County Treasury, P.O. Box 14420, Rochester, NY 14614 or pay in person at 39 West Main St., Room B-2, Rochester. Do not pay the 2nd and 3rd installments through the Chili on-line portal!! If you wish to pay the 2nd and 3rd installments on-line you must do so through the Monroe County website. 


When will I get my bill?

Town and County bills are mailed out at the very end of December and should be received by the end of the first week in January. School bills are mailed out at the very end of August and should be received by the end of the first week in September. If you are in an escrow account, you will not receive a bill, only a receipt.

Can I pay my taxes with a credit card?

Yes, Credit card payments are accepted at the Chili Tax counter and on-line on the home page of the Chili’s website. There is a minimum processing fee of $3.95 for debit cards. Credit cards have a 2.45% processing fee with a minimum fee of $3.95. You can also pay on-line at the Monroe County website, but their fees are higher.  Please be careful that you only pay taxes collected by the Chili Tax Receiver through the Chili on-line payment portal. If the payment should be made to the County Treasurer, you will need to make that credit card payment through the Monroe County website.  

I sold my home and have moved, but still received the bill. What should I do?

The bill belongs to the new owner and should either be returned to Virginia Ignatowski with the new owner’s name or forward the bill directly to the new owner.

The bill was sent to me, but I have an escrow account with a bank.

Mail or take the bill to the bank responsible for payment.

I Have Paid Off My Mortgage and Want the Tax Bill Sent to My Home, What Should I Do?

Contact the Receiver of Taxes at 889-6129.

How Do I Get My Address or Name Changed on My Tax Bill?

A CHANGE OF NAME/ADDRESS form must be completed and sent to the Assessor’s office at 3333 Chili Ave.

What If I Didn’t Receive My Tax Bill?

If you have an escrow account, you do not receive a bill; your bank does. You will still get a receipt though. If you are not in an escrow account and have not received a bill by the end of the first week in January for Town and County taxes, or by the end of the first week in September for School taxes, please contact the Tax Department at 889-6129 so that a duplicate can be mailed to you, or you may access this information at the Monroe County website. See instructions at the top of the page. NOTE: Under New York State Real Property Law, you are responsible for tax payment whether you receive the bill or not.

What Do I Do in the Event of a Name Change (Death, Marriage, etc.)?

Bring legal documentation (death certificate, marriage license) to the Assessor’s Office at the Town Hall so that the records may be changed.

Did I receive my exemption (Veterans, Senior, STAR)?

Exemptions will be noted on your bill under “Exemption”.

What is an Exemption Removal?

Term used when the current owner benefits from an exemption that the previous owner received. The new owner may not be entitled to this exemption, with the new “assessment year” the exemption is removed. The exemption removal amount is determined by the Assessor’s Office and is a one time charge for the prior reduction given and not entitled.

Where can I get a copy of my receipt?

Tax information can be found at Click the “view/pay taxes on-line” link on the home page and follow the prompts to locate your payment history (see detailed instructions at the top of this page).  You may also pick it up in person at the Tax Receiver office. If you require a mailed copy of the receipt, please be aware that it will take 5 to 10 business days to fill the request.

Delinquent Taxes

Contact Monroe County Treasury at 753-1190.

You can also visit their website at