Games of Chance

In General,

Who Can Obtain: Fund raising organizations who intend to raise money by holding Bingo games, Games of Chance, and in some cases Raffles, must apply for an identification number issued through the NYS Office of Racing and Wagering. All organizations must have an identification number. If your organization needs a number or has not used its number in the previous twelve-month period, you must update your information with Racing and Wagering:

New York State Office of Racing an Wagering One Watervilet Avenue Extension, Suite 2 Albany, New York 12206-1668 Tele. 518-453-8460 Fax 518-453-8492

It takes approximately four weeks to receive an identification number.

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When to Obtain:

Raffles/Games of Chance/Bell Jar If you intend to conduct raffles and your proceeds will be greater than $30,000 in one year, you must file an application for a Raffle. The license fee is $25.00. Please contact the Town Clerk’s office for further instruction.

If your organization is conducting Games of Chance (Casino Nights, Bazaars, Carnivals), etc., you must provide the following:

Provide three complete applications (Form GC-2) for each license. Forms are available at It is wise to keep a copy for yourself. The head of the organization must sign three original applications, which must all be notarized.

Provide a current list of working members and their date of birth. To expedite processing, please only submit names of those that will be working at the events.

Gaming Laws require that there must be at least four (4) members in charge. When providing this information, keep in mind that anyone convicted of a crime cannot be listed on the application.

Cost to Obtain:

Bell Jar Fee $25 annual fee
Games of Chance Fee $25 per date


Prior to conducting Bingo games, the organization should submit three (3) original Bingo License Applications, including all schedules, with a check in the amount of $18.75 per occasion, to the Town Clerk’s Office. Once your application has been approved, you will be notified by the Town. Please submit applications at least four weeks in advance.

Note: There are also reports which must be filed after the events. Information on this process can be obtained from NYS Racing and Wagering. Information is also available at from the Town Clerk’s office.