The Assessment Department maintains an inventory of all parcels of real property within the Town of Chili in order to establish an assessed value for the equitable distribution of property taxes.

In accordance with the rules and regulations set forth in New York State Real Property Tax Laws, the Town of Chili participates in an annual assessment program. Annual assessment involves the systematic analysis of all properties in the municipality each year to determine if they reflect current market values and making adjustments where necessary.

Changes in assessment values also occur for other reasons, some examples are due to a change in use, assessor review request, and/or issuance of a building permit for construction or demolition.

The Assessment Department is also responsible for the receipt and administration of partial tax exemptions, as allowed under the New York State Real Property Tax Laws and any locally adopted options to RPTLs, for property owners who meet certain eligibility requirements.

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2018-19 Assessment Roll




Pursuant to Section 514 and 516 of the Real Property Tax Law: Notice is hereby given that Sole Assessor for the Town of CHILI, County of Monroe, for the

year 2018 will be completed by the undersigned assessor, and certified copy thereof will be on file in the Town of Chili Assessor’s office at 3333 CHILI AVENUE,

ROCHESTER, NY, and also available at on the 2nd day of JULY 2018 where the same will remain open to public inspection.

Dated the 2nd Day of July 2018

Jennie L. Miller


Town of Chili



ALL Town of Chili annual exemption renewal applications will be mailed, by the Assessment Office, in a staggered mailing during the month of October 2017.

Please read ALL enclosed material, complete the form (all owners must sign) and return to the Assessment Office with applicable supporting documentation. Our office may make courtesy copies of certain information.

Renewal applications are due no later than taxable status date: March 1, 2019

If returning by mail and you would like confirmation that we received your application, please enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

Call our office at (585) 889-6132 if you have questions or need assistance.

STAR Exemption Program Changes  

As a result of  law changes, some homeowners will receive a STAR check directly from New York State instead of receiving a school property tax exemption. The amount of your benefit will be the same regardless of how you receive it.

Beginning with the 2016-2017 school year going forward, all new homeowners will need to register with the New York State Department of Taxation & Finance to receive a STAR credit check.

Current STAR exemption recipients

  • Current Basic and Enhanced STAR exemption recipients will keep their exemption as long as they continue to own their current home.
  • Current Enhanced STAR exemption recipients who are not enrolled in the Income Verification Program must continue to file a renewal application with their local assessor each year.

New York State Department of Taxation & Finance:

Contact information regarding the NYS Tax & Finance STAR Credit Checks & Tax Rebates:

  • STAR Registration


Taxpayers Call:  1-518-457-2036

  • Property Tax Freeze Credit Check: 2014-2015-2016


Taxpayers Call:  1-518-453-8146

  • Family Tax Relief Credit: 2016-2017-2018-2019


Taxpayers Call:  1-518-485-1057

Be advised, rebate/relief checks, tax credits and the NYS Registration for STAR credit checks are not administered locally. You must contact New York State Department of Taxation & Finance at the above listed numbers with any questions pertaining to checks, tax credits, and the registration process – or visit the listed webpages for more information.

NOTE: First-time applicants, for any exemption, or the annual renewal of an existing exemption, must submit the applicable paper form and supporting documentation to your local assessor by taxable status date (March 1st).


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Jennie L. Miller, Assessor

Chili Town Hall, 3333 Chili Avenue

Office: (585) 889-6132

Fax: (585) 889-8710

Hours: Monday – Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.