Sidewalk Installation & Maintenance

The Town of Chili is proud of its continued effort to improve and encourage pedestrian and bicyclist access within the Town. On any given day, you can see residents using these safe and convenient paths. The Town of Chili is responsible for the maintenance and replacement of all sidewalks constructed along publicly dedicated roads within the Town with the exception of the College Green development.

The Town of Chili encourages the installation of sidewalks within residential subdivisions. Along these roadways, the costs associated with the installation, maintenance, replacement and/or repair of sidewalks is borne solely by those residents directly benefiting from the sidewalks installed within their particular subdivision. These costs shall be assessed through an additional tax levy to the parcels located in the specific Sidewalk District encompassing the properties benefited. Where a Sidewalk District has been formed, the town’s policy is to install, maintain, replace, and/or repair sidewalks as required.

In 2015 the Town completed the development of the Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan. The purpose of this Plan is to provide guidance to decision-makers within the Town and its partners in the region to help improve the existing network of pedestrian and bicyclist connections and accommodations. The intent was to develop a master plan for a safe, accessible, and comprehensive town-wide network of pedestrian and bicycle facilities. Clink the following link to see the report [Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan]

The town currently has over ______ linear feet of sidewalks within its borders. That’s over ___ miles! Each year the town reviews the maintenance needs of the existing sidewalks and researches funding opportunities for new sidewalks. All new sidewalks are constructed of concrete with a minimum width of 5 feet. Wider sections are required next to the curb or roadway.

For a map of existing sidewalk locations please click on the following link [Insert Link]. Only publicly maintained sidewalks are illustrated at this time.

To report a damaged sidewalk please call 889-2630 Prompt #2 and leave a message with the following:

  • Nature of the problem
  • Approximate street address
  • Contact information so that we can follow-up with you