David P. Lindsay P.E.
Commissioner of Public Works/Superintendent of Highways

The Department of Public Works is located at 200 Beaver Road and is comprised of the following departments: Highway, Drainage, Development, Engineering, and Parks Maintenance. Services provided to the community include residential yard debris collection program; residential bulk leaf collection program; snow and ice removal from state, county, and town highways and sidewalks; general highway maintenance, reconstruction, and rehabilitation; sidewalk construction, repair, and storm sewer maintenance, drainage maintenance including: streams, creeks, detention/retention ponds; storm sewer maintenance, repair and construction; new development/construction plan review, utility inspections and testing. You may contact Chili’s Public Works Department at 585-889-2630 if you have a question or request service.

Debris Pickup Program Information

Record of Storm Water Management Officer: 
The Town of Chili appoints on an annual basis at its organizational meeting in January of each year the Storm Water Management Officer (SWMO).

This position is typically filled by the Commissioner of Public Works or their designee. The current SWMO is as follows:

Name:  David P. Lindsay, P.E.,

Commissioner of Public Works/ Superintendent of Highways.

Address:  Department of Public Works

200 Beaver Road
Churchville, NY 14428

Phone:    (585) 889-2630

E-Mail:    dlindsay@townofchili.org

For additional information related to storm water compliance issues click here: Monroe County Storm water Coalition

Below is the website address:


The Town of Chili has been identified as an operator of a Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) under the EPA’s Phase II Storm Regulations under the Clean Water Act of 1999. The Phase II Program requires each MS4 to prepare an Annual Report, or contribute to a Joint Annual Report, on the municipality’s efforts to protect and improve the water quality of our streams and waterbodies. The Town of Chili has worked jointly with the Monroe County Storm Water Coalition to prepare a Joint Annual Report in conformance with the Phase II Regulations. A copy of the joint annual report can be reviewed at the link below. Please forward any comments to David P. Lindsay, P.E. at dlindsay@townofchili.org.