The threat of winter fires is real. Wintry weather conditions can cause many safety hazards during a period when many people just want to spend time indoors. It is important to pay attention to outside items that have become blocked by snow, such as fire hydrants. Keeping critical areas clear of snow will help protect your family, neighbors, and businesses. While the Town will mark many hydrant locations we do not have the resources to enusre that each hydrant is clear of snow all winter long. If there is a hydrant located on your property we ask that you assist as best you can to help keep it clear and available for use if needed. Snow can cause area fire hydrants to become blocked and difficult to locate and access for first responders. Keeping hydrants clear can mean quicker access to water and more time in fighting the fire.  

When clearing your hydrants remember to:

  • Remove all snow and ice from the hydrant, ensuring it is clearly visible and completely accessible
  • Clear at least 3-feet of snow all the way around the hydrant, giving firefighters full access to all parts of the hydrant
  • Clear a path from the hydrant to the street, allowing firefighters to get in and out easily and quickly