The Highway Department asks that residents keep their mailboxes in good condition throughout the year.  Mailboxes that are neglected will surely be affected by our plows due to the heavy snow from our wing plows.  Our drivers take extra measures to avoid mailboxes, but sometimes weather conditions restrict the driver’s ability to avoid them.  If your mailbox is damaged during snow removal, a post/stake and a standard size metal mailbox are the only replacements, regardless of what you had previously installed.  The highway crew will repair any mailbox they damage, to serviceable condition and not necessarily install a new mailbox. Unfortunately, the Town of Chili does not reimburse property owners for custom mailboxes.  Please check out our Mailbox Detail for guidelines that should be used when installing a new or replacing an existing mailbox.  It is important to note that the minimum height from the lowest part of the mailbox cross-arm to the ground should be 42-inches and the mailbox should be set back from the edge of the road shoulder or concrete gutter a minimum of 6-inches.