Public Street Lighting:

Except for a few isolated locations the Town does not own the complete street light fixtures but does coordinates with Rochester Gas and Electric for the repair and/or replacement of street lights located within the public right of way when problems occur. Currently within the Town there are _____ hundred street lights that the Town manages. Most of these street lights are located at the intersections of main town, county and state roads and along main roads such as Chili Avenue, Scottsville Road and Buffalo Road. Others are located within certain subdivisions in which the developer installed these lights as part of the development.

The Town of Chili currently has the following Lighting Districts:

Chili Consolidated Lighting District #1:

The goal of this district is to increase the safety of the traveling public through illumination of intersections and public streets. Because this type of street lighting benefits the traveling public at large, the associated costs are levied to all properties within Chili.

Chili Industrial Lighting District, Pumpkin Hill Lighting District, Blueberry Hill Lighting District & Parklands at Chili Lighting District: The goal of these lighting districts are to allow for increased levels of roadway lighting, primarily within private and industrial development areas. Where street lighting is installed within these areas the primary beneficiary of these improvements are those properties within the specified district and therefore any cost is levied uniformly to those properties.

New Locations and Requests for Street Lights:

In general, street lighting is required for all new residential development projects. From time to time the Town will receive a petition from a resident or group of residents to have a street light or several street lights installed at a particular location or intersection. Individual street light requests can be sent to the Superintendent of Highways who will then review the request with the Town’s Traffic and Safety Committee before making a final determination.

If a group of residents or a neighborhood association wishes to have street lighting installed within their subdivision, they may petition the Town Board for inclusion in the Chili Consolidated Lighting District #1 or to establish a specific Lighting District for the purpose of providing intensified or thematic/decorative lighting within a specific improvement area. In this case, the neighborhood association would request that the Town Board have a plan and report prepared which outlines proposed district boundaries, lighting layout, estimate of costs, debt service implications, and operating and maintenance costs. In this case, the property owners within the benefited area would pay for the cost of the improvements through a bond obtained through the Town.

Report a Street Light Outage or Problem:

To report a damaged street light or one that is not functioning properly please call 889-2630 Prompt #2 and leave a message with the following:

  • Nature of the problem
  • Pole number if possible (Usually located about head height on the pole)
  • Approximate street address
  • Contact information so that we can follow-up with you