Christmas Trees: We will pick them up along with the regular brush pickup or you can drop them off at 200 Beaver Road on the right side of the entrance. There is a sign posted indicating the appropriate spot.

Intent of Town Pick-up Program:  The Town provides a program for the pickup of brush and tree limbs. This program can accommodate a quantity of material typically generated by the removal of small amounts of brush and/or trees from a residential property. The program is not intended to facilitate lot clearing or the generation of large quantities of brush and/or trees, even if done by the resident. Contractor generated debris will NOT be picked up and is the responsibility of the property owner. We also cannot accommodate stumps at this time and encourage stump grinding in lieu of removal. Prior to placement of any significant amount of debris or tree material at the roadside, the resident must call (585) 889-2630, Prompt #2 to seek a determination on if the Town will pick-up the debris.

Town Pick-up Schedule:  In general, the Town picks up brush and tree limbs on the schedule below.  However, during times of increased service demand such as spring pickup season or after a severe storm, there will be delays which will impact the pickup schedule.  For the latest information on the status of the pickup schedule, please contact the dispatch line at (585) 889-2630, prompt #2.

The Town picks up brush and tree limb as follows (Click for Map) or (Click for Alphabetized Street List)

Zone 1 – Begins 1st Monday of the Month

Zone 2 – Begins 2nd Monday of the Month

Zone 3 – Begins 3rd Monday of the Month

Zone 4 – Begins 4th Monday of the Month

PLEASE HAVE ALL DEBRIS READY FOR PICK-UP ON THE SUNDAY EVENING BEFORE YOUR WEEK OF SERVICE. You can call into the dispatch line at 889-2630, prompt #2 for the latest information.

Brush and tree limbs must be cut and stacked neatly with the cut ends facing the road.  Please stack brush, logs, and shrubs separately.  Limbs should be left as long as possible.  Logs must be cut as short as possible.  All material, except log pieces, will be chipped.  Material not chipped will be collected by another vehicle, possibly the next day.  Chips are available for reuse at the Highway garage storage area and by delivery to the home upon request.  Leaf mulch is also available for reuse.

Green waste, vines, weeds, sticks, and shrubs shall be piled separately for packer pick-up.  PLEASE DO NOT BAG.  WE WILL NOT PICK UP BAGS AND WE DO NOT PICK UP GRASS CLIPPINGS.  Backyard composting is suggested.

Metal items and white goods, EXCLUDING dehumidifiers, air conditioners, refrigerators, and freezers (unless Freon has been removed & Red Tagged).   Please call your private hauler for details regarding those items.

Rocks, concrete, brick, and dirt.  Must be piled separately and not in pieces larger than 12″. PLEASE DO NOT BAG.

All inquiries should be directed to the Department of Public Works Office at 889-2630, Monday – Friday between 7:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.  NOTE:  May through September, hours are Monday – Thursday 6:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Friday 6:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.

  • No Tires – must be off rims to be collected by your private hauler
  • Do not place items in concrete gutters, ditches, or on top of storm drains
  • Pile materials separately from items to be collected by your private hauler
  • No contractor-generated tree waste or debris
  • No construction debris or building materials (Including fences, deck material, wood flooring, etc.)
  • No furniture, TVs, fuel tanks
  • Residents having items which are considered hazardous waste material should call Monroe County Hazardous Waste at 753-7600 for information on disposal.

Dead Animal Pickup

If there is a dead animal located along a Town roadway then please contact the Highway Department at (585) 889-2630, Prompt #2 and provide the type of animal if known and approximate location. Dead animals located outside the limit of the right of way are the responsibility of the property owner.