Fill Permits:

No person shall place soil, sand, rocks, gravel or any other fillĀ material six inches in depth or greater above the existing grade level of the site as indicated in the most recent topographic survey of the site until a fill permit is issued. In order to obtain a fill permit, the applicant must submit a map or plan, drawn to scale, which shows both existing and proposed elevations and topography, existing and proposed drainage patterns, any necessary erosion control measures, total extent of area in which fillingĀ is to occur, type and quantity of fill material to be used, location of all existing and proposed structures, and trees or vegetation, and floodplains or designated wetlands, and any other relevant information as may be required, including but not limited to status of approval by the Army Corps of Engineers or the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation if same is required. If the project involves 400 or more cubic yards of fill, or 20,000 square feet of area, or if work was begun without a permit and the extent of filling is not readily determined, the map or plan must be prepared by a professional engineer. In all cases the written authorization of the property owner shall be submitted as part of the application. Applications may be obtained in the Building Department at the Town Hall.