Peddler / Solicitor permit


Any person who wishes to act as a hawker, peddler or solicitor within the Town of Chili must obtain a solicitor’s permit from the Town Clerk prior to engaging in that activity. (Non-profit organizations, religious organizations conducting religious activities and sales of home grown produce are exempt). Please review the Town of Chili Peddling and Soliciting Code for complete information regarding peddling.


The company must complete an  APPLICATION and submit a $100.00 (cash or certified bank check) non-refundable application fee  to the Town Clerk at least two (2) weeks in advance of the first day of solicitation. An ADDENDUM must be also completed and a police back ground check must be submitted for each person that will be soliciting within the Town. If the application is accepted, a $75 fee per person that will be soliciting in the Town must be paid. This will allow for 3 months of soliciting. A $25.00 per month extension fee may be paid if a longer period is desired.


A solicitor must have the permit with them at all times. They cannot say it is with their boss, or they forgot, or that it is in their car. Please notify the Town Clerk’s office (889-6127) if you had an unlicensed individual at your door so that we may alert them to our law. It is most helpful if you have the company name and the name of the individual. You may also call the Sheriff (911) and are encouraged to do so especially if you fear for your personal safety or are suspicious of the activity. Also, please notify us if you had a negative experience with a licensed solicitor.

A permit can be revoked if enough complaints are received and the behavior is in violation of the Town Code.


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