In addition to the programs that we offer on a weekly basis, we are always excited to introduce new programs, whether it is a class or a lecture about a specific topic. If you are interested in a discussion, a particular topic, hobby or game, chances are someone else is. We also offer many local trips as well as Motor Coach trips. If you like to work in the kitchen, help out on a special project, enjoy putting together a party, or working at the desk, please consider becoming a volunteer. We are so fortunate to have over 100 registered and active volunteers at the Senior Center.

Inclement Weather Closing

If it is a lunch day (Monday or Thursday) and the “Office of the Aging” cancels Lunch Club 60, there is no lunch but the center is still open. This announcement will be made on channels 8, 10, & 13. The Chili Senior Center is closed only if the Town of Chili is closed. This decision is made by Supervisor David Dunning

Contact us at (585) 889-6185 with any questions you might have. We will be happy to schedule a time to have you come in and talk with us!

You can find our most recent newsletter and/or calendars here.

With the COVID pandemic our hours vary.  Call the Center at 889-6185 for more information.

See you soon at the Chili Senior Center, 3235 Chili Avenue, Rochester NY  14624

Sincerely, Michael Curley,  Recreation Director