The Freedom of Information Law provides rights of access to records reflective of governmental decisions and policies that affect the lives of every New Yorker. However, an agency does not have to create a new document in order to provide the individual the requested information.

You may request a FOIL by using this form or by submitting a written request for the information. If possible you should supply dates, titles, file designation, or any other information that will help find the requested records.

Within 5 business days of the receipt of a written request for a record reasonably described, the agency must make the record available, deny access in writing giving the reasons for denial, or furnish a written acknowledgement of receipt of the request and a statement of the approximate date when the request will be granted or denied.

Mail or deliver your request to:

Virginia Ignatowski, Town Clerk

Town of Chili
3333 Chili Ave.
Rochester, New York 14624

You may also e-mail the form to, or fax it to 585-889-8710.


Copies – $.25 per page

A fee for copy of other records may be charged based upon the actual cost of reproduction.